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April 2014:
Just Passin’ Through

“Someone is waiting for the energy that is leaving our lives, so we must let it go. Just as someone maybe holding on to the energy that is waiting to meet us.”


    Finding Everyone Else
    Coachella 2013
    It's noon in Los Angeles and all is well.  Canon packed.  Releases printed.  Body reclined-- then the phone rings.  On the other end is an old friend who informs me that his girlfriend has a t...
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    When Sight & Sound Collide
    Interview: Vello Virkhaus
    VJing is an art form that has been intrinsically connected to live music events since the 1960s. In its earliest incarnation, VJing was an atmospheric novelty. Since then there have been many vi...
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    Wine Is New, Once Again
    Interview: Claudio Bortoluz
    Mexico’s cultural riches and abundant natural resources leave many other countries in envy. However, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Mexico was deprived of an opportunity to fully de...