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November 2014:
Choose Neither Path

“Failure is regarded as a “loss” by those who regard success as a “win”. Avoid both terms, and you’ll always be happy.”


    The Depths of VaVoom
    The black ominous steps lead me down, deep down into the depths of the deepest depths.  Below the stage and towards the belly of the beast, I walk.  In my hand a Dixie cup filled with holy wate...
    Easter morning panties @ Coachella 2014
    Ice vs. Underwear:
    Coachella 2014
    "So let me get this straight... I show up on Thursday, and, we don't leave till Monday.  We pitch our tents and remain there in 1,000 degree heat with no shade for 3 full days among milli...
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    When Sight & Sound Collide
    Interview: Vello Virkhaus
    VJing is an art form that has been intrinsically connected to live music events since the 1960s. In its earliest incarnation, VJing was an atmospheric novelty. Since then there have been many vi...