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“Conqueror’s Blade” Beta

Beta test for Conqueror’s Blade will open on January 26 revealing a medieval warfare game that recreates vast medieval civilizations in an immersive arena of war wherein players command generals and their legions in pursuit of victory.

The game showcases legendary medieval weapons and fighting styles that are available to strategic players who develop powerful Generals while tactically selecting the most effective Legions for each battle. Players’ armies consist of Legions that can vary in size from 16 to 40 men.

Each Legion features different skills and takes on a unique battlefield formation with different advantages. The Legions’ special skills yield high damage or special effects, like cavalry charges or archers’ flaming arrows, some that may be used only in particular formations.

Following 5 years of development, “Conqueror’s Blade” represents a flagship sandbox PC warfare game from Booming Games: a developer that brings a wealth of experience from top studios in game industry, and strives unremittingly to deliver immersive and authentic conqueror’s warfare experiences.

Players can register for the beta now! Follow the link below…