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Fight your way through the streets of Tokyo as one of the members of the ultimate life form rock band Man With A Mission.

The five-piece half-man half-wolf band, who blend rock, punk, pop and dance, release their new interactive computer game to coincide with their latest single “Dead End In Tokyo”. In the game, players make their way to a show while helping free the others from kidnappers and collecting coins along the way.

Thawed out of icy coffins in 2010, Man With A Mission has torn through Japan with a feral rock ‘n’ roll energy on par with that of Godzilla to become an international phenomenon in their own right. The song “Dead End In Tokyo” is an ode to the people who come to Tokyo with big dreams but end up stuck in a dead end.

Tokyo Tanaka (vocals), Kamikaze Boy (bass), Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals and guitar), DJ Santa Monica (DJ) and Spear Rib (drums) who comprise MAN WITH A MISSION are currently on tour in Japan and are expected to come stateside later this year.

“Dead End In Tokyo” The Game is available worldwide in English and Japanese on desktops and smart phones. Play here: