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Music Against Animal Cruelty

With an aim to raise revenue from music events to aid in wildlife conservation, Music Against Animal Cruelty (M.A.A.C.) launches its global music directive.

Reaching out to a worldwide collective of likeminded individuals and influential voices, the organization taps into a network of artists, DJ’s and others industry professionals, focusing on community led initiatives that will provide support to grassroots conservation projects.

Conceived by Jonny White, international DJ and producer of Art Department and Wade Cawood, CEO/Founder of Pulse Global, M.A.A.C. not only seeks to promote awareness concerning wildlife conservation, but also to create opportunities for artists to travel and experience conservation for themselves.

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Fight Club Live: The Mayhem Revival
Fight Club Live: The Mayhem Revivalfotoboy62 | Citizen LA

In the America of 2018—teeming with cautionary tales of contentious activism, rampant victimism, and unbridled political correctness—the Fight Club media franchise is fortunate to have eluded destiny’s disapproval. Moreover, not content to merely sit pretty in beloved book collections nor patiently wait to resurface in revival movie houses, the cult classic has reemerged as Fight Club Live; a stage show that breathes new life into the masterwork’s legacy.

Originally published as a literary work in 1996, Chuck Palahniuk’s novel crystalizes an enduring relevancy, offering poignant scenarios that on the surface may appear a product of some parallel dystopian universe. It is upon closer examination, however, that Fight Club’s haunting story reveals a clear reflection our own innate desires and physiological makeups, addressing subjects such as consumerism, matriarchy, monogamy, violence, and sacrifice.

David Fincher’s 1999 cinematic adaptation presented Fight Club to a new audience, many of whom were unprepared for the ride. When first appearing in theaters, moviegoers were seemingly unwilling to process the subject matter objectively, consequently rejecting the reality that our infinitesimally complex world contains people with differing ideas on what constitutes happiness or sense of purpose. Additionally, many critics completely overlooked author Palahniuk’s insight and Fincher’s poetic visual depiction of life’s probabilities, instead choosing to distance themselves from introspection.

It is precisely Palahniuk’s petition for self-analysis that seeks to break a collective mental-block, ultimately leading to awareness and better mental health; a process that isn’t simply confined to a psychiatrists therapy couch, but can also be effectively uncovered through participation as creator and/or audience.


Adding to the intellectually biting narrative and visually arresting chaos is the film’s score, created by The Dust Brothers. Mike Simpson, one-half of musical duo, was at the right place at the right time, inexorably linking him to a piece of classic cinema that skillfully and successfully carries the torch from the pages of a book to the big-screen.

A talented producer who found his beginnings at the Pomona College radio station, Mike (aka E.Z.Mike) has been lucky enough to work on various critically acclaimed albums and music projects for movie and television; a list including the Beasty Boys, Beck, Linkin Park, and Santana, which garnered a Grammy win for “Album Of The Year.” Now, Mike is setting his sights on Fight Club LIVE, a clever extension of the Fight Club brand that faithfully interprets the energy and spirit of the tale.

Citizen LA: You started on this path in 1983 with the other half of The Dust Brothers, John King. What did you guys spin back then?

Mike: When I first started doing the radio show at Pomona College it was the first Hip-Hop show in SoCal, and we were spinning artists like LL Cool J. It was a live mix DJ format, and The Dust Brothers came out of that.

Citizen LA: When did the thought of creating a film score pop into your head?

Mike: I don’t write lyrics, and don’t really listen to lyrics in music, so the whole time I was making beats I always thought that my skills would be more suited for film. Fight Club was the first film that I scored, and Fincher was so great about just letting us do our thing. That was a dream project, and Fight Club is my proudest work of anything I’ve done.

Citizen LA: Seeing Fight Club in the theater for the first time, I remember walking out thinking “what the hell just happened?” I was in a stupor, as if someone had given me a puzzle to solve. How do you perceive the book/film subject matter?

Mike: It’s a philosophical piece about the homogenization of our world. It was definitely ahead of its time.

Citizen LA: I saw it as a fairytale filled with love, chaos, anarchy and a bad-ass soundtrack. It’s unquestionably a lean-forward movie, where you really have to be paying attention.

Mike: Exactly. It’s a very intellectual film, which garnered a cult following and made a mark in pop culture; a testament to how powerful the film was despite the fact that it wasn’t a huge box office success. Fincher was particularly obsessed with the opening credits, wanting the music to be like “a bee flying around in your skull,” so abrasive that it would make people leave before the opening credits were even done.

Citizen LA: You’re like… “Yeah! I can do that!”

Mike: Fincher knew it wasn’t a movie for everybody. He wanted to clear the plate before the movie even started [laughs].

Citizen LA: That reminds me of the first time I saw A Clockwork Orange. I waited years to see it up on the big screen. Then, during a packed house at some revival theater, the gasps started, and a few people left soon after it started. When I think of movies with that kind of visceral response, I’d put Fight Club up there with A Clockwork Orange, or Requiem for a Dream, or Suspiria.

Mike: Dude. You just named some of my favorite movies. Requiem For A Dream is the perfect movie. It’s amazing. Stunning on every level.

Citizen LA: Right from the onset of Fight Club, the score explodes, driving the film forward frenetically. No doubt there’s been a lot of thought put in to capturing and reinventing the experience for stage. So where do you begin when producing something like this live?

Mike: I have to give all credit to Jake who approached me about doing Fight Club Live. I expressed interest, but also gave him the list of all obstacles that I saw to actually being able to pull it off. Jake loved the score, but was disappointed that we never performed it live anywhere.


Whereas the book, movie and soundtrack are etched in an indelible medium, bringing the mayhem of the Fight Club story into a live setting generates a situation brimming with a bazillion opportunities for error, this while meeting the watchful eye of an eager audience who knows the movie inside and out.

Serial entrepreneur Jacob Maymudes, who recently wrote a best-selling book depicting his father’s unique bond with legendary musician Bob Dylan, accepted these risks to produce a successful event in 2017 that apparently got it right… so much so that he was able to convince Mike to cut into his hallowed yearly ski pilgrimage and perform at the 2018 event.

Throwing caution to the wind, Jake has stepped into the crosshairs of Project Mayhem to share the spotlight with Palahniuk, Fincher, and The Dust Brothers. A venture that sounds… well… insane.

Citizen LA: It seems that many people don’t appreciate the subject matter, or simply don’t get it. What are your thoughts?

Jake: Fight Club is more relevant than it ever has been. We’re turning this planet into a mess of recyclable crap. This Instagram generation is worse than the MTV generation, and now content can’t be presented in more than 15 second chunks. The problems that Palahniuk was illustrating have gotten exponentially worse.

Citizen LA: What inspired you to take on this monster?

Jake: Fight Club is one of the best-case scenarios for an epic live movie that doesn’t have a symphony. It’s great to see a live score to Star Wars at the Hollywood Bowl, but my generation wants to see Fight Club live or Pulp Fiction live!

Citizen LA: How did you approach the show, conceptually & technically?

Jake: I knew that producing a Hollywood Bowl type show was my endgame, but I also wanted to outdo them. Most importantly, we needed a band capable of reproducing Mike and John’s score live, but we also needed an amazing stunt coordinator (Henry Layton) to throw people around the stage. This year we have The Dust Brothers actually IN the show, plus a memorabilia retrospective paying homage to the movie.

Citizen LA: What’s your biggest hurdle when producing the live show?

Jake: Maintaining quality. I reached out to everyone involved with the actual score of the film, but they all said it was too complex. I knew it was possible, I mean, this is Los Angeles, where many of the world’s best musicians live! Knowing that much of the score is Drum’n’bass, we brought on Ziggy Marley’s percussionist, Angel Roche, who fucking crushes it. We also invited mad scientist Damon Ramirez who spent six months developing his own synths, making all that stuff that Mike and John sampled from scratch! Mike was happy that I cracked the Dust Brother’s code.

Citizen LA: What was surprisingly much easier than planned?

Jake: Nothing. [laughs]

Citizen LA: [laughs]

Jake: I don’t do things that are easy. I specialize in the tedious.

Citizen LA: On the one hand, the live show lends itself to having a Performance Art quality, however, the need for synchronization with the movie may lead to certain restrictions. Is there any room for improvisation?

Jake: By the nature of it being live, the score is not exactly like the movie, but the goal is to get the people who have seen it a hundred times… to see it for the first time.


Citizen LA: I have to ask… are you going to blow up Dowtown LA for the finale?

Mike: Oh, I can’t give that away.

Citizen LA: Aww. I hope it’s the financial buildings. Are people going to walk out of the Wiltern thinking, “What the hell just happened? Let’s go burn something!”

Mike: Hopefully it won’t be that kinda crowd.

Citizen LA: CUT TO the local news as riots erupt in Downtown LA after the Fight Club Live show… and I’m gonna say, “I told them it was a bad idea!”


Whether a fan of cerebral psycho/sociopathic storytelling or not, our freedom to produce disruptive imagery, performances and content should not be hijacked nor subjugated by narrow-minded hypersensitive members of society. We must remember that nurturing America’s creative mavericks and bleeding-edge storytellers is essential to our general well-being.

Achieving “cult status” isn’t planned nor a result of market research, these things just happen. To be associated with a cult classic in any capacity is not only rare, but also impossible for any artist to foresee. Mike Simpson and Jacob Maymudes recognize the significance of their unexpected contribution to the Fight Club legacy, and are enjoying every minute.

Oh, by the way… in death, we’re all named Robert Paulson. Citizen LA | Black Diamond

(front) Jacob Maymudes
(mid) Zoë Poledouris-Roche, Angel Roche, Damon Ramirez
(back) Ryan Hayes, Eric Klerks, Michael Danchi


Keychange’s Gender Balance

Pioneering international initiative Keychange seeks to empower women with a goal of achieving or maintaining a 50/50 gender balance in the music industry by 2022.

By bringing together like-minded festivals and conference programmers, Keychange has taken critical steps towards creating much needed long-term change in live music. To date, 45 international music industry conferences and festivals including four leading Canadian events have backed the initiative.

Keychange has partnered with various music-centric entities including Musikcentrum Sweden, Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves and Tallinn Music Week, who are committed to exploring how men and women can work together to accelerate change and to promote role models for the next generations.

Led by PRS Foundation and supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Keychange also supports a network of artists and innovators invited to take part in a series of international festivals, showcases, collaborations and creative labs, which aim to create a more inclusive music industry.

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A Lethal Amount of Divine

As a tribute to the legendary pop culture icon Divine, the Sex Cells Divine Ball will celebrate Harris Glenn Milstead’s drag persona with a night of music, mayhem and memories.

Developing an early interest in drag while working as a hairdresser in Baltimore, Milstead befriended budding local filmmaker John Waters who was intent on making “the trashiest motion pictures in cinema history.” Waters subsequently gave Milstead the name “Divine” and the two embarked on a filmmaking journey that would spawn midnight-movie cult-classics such as Female Trouble, Polyester, and Pink Flamingos.

Not only will there be a contest with a $500 cash prize for the “Best Divine,” but the Sex Cells Divine Ball will feature celebrity judge Mink Stole and DJ sets from Matthew Pernicano and Danny Lethal. Whether you’re a fan of the late Divine or not yet familiar with the infamous entertainer, this event is sure to be a unique opportunity to celebrate the deliciously vile personality whom John Water referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world, almost.”

Sex Cells, the monthly nightclub created by Lethal Amounts owner Danny Fuentes, attracts a wide array of talented artists and colorful characters, which Fuentes and his team foster and encourage. The creative gallery space, Lethal Amounts, focuses on subversive and counter culture themes, addressing the social and artistic value of underground movements while highlighting taboo topics.

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Lucha VaVoom’s VDay Soiree

Editor’s Note: After the show, Rula was last seen piling into a vintage lowrider with dancers and wrestlers, wildly shouting something about driving to Tijuana. Though she has yet to return from her road trip, an anonymous source did provide us with torn pages from her diary, which held some interesting tidbits concerning Valentine’s Day at the Mayan Theater. Rula’s insightful, yet cryptic notes were instrumental in reconstructing a semi-accurate depiction of the evening’s festivities. Among her many entries, Rula mentions “…at 15 years strong, Lucha VaVoom is a one-of-a-kind experience that continues to produce amazing sold-out events, showcasing talented performers, and attracting a loyal fan base.” Though the final diary entry was cut mid-sentence (and doused in a fiery Mexican salsa), we can confirm there were immense feelings of gratitude towards everyone at Lucha VaVoom for an enchanting experience.


Luck Reunion at Willie’s Ranch

Dedicated to honoring rouge music legends and today’s artists imprinting American roots culture on their own terms, Luck Reunion is a day-long music celebration anchored by a headlining set by Willie Nelson & Family, and welcomes more than forty artists representing a wide range of genres.

Taking place at Willie Nelson’s ranch in Luck, Texas, Luck Reunion will host artists such as Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Kurt Vile, Nikki Lane, Waxahatchee, Josh Ritter, Hiss Golden Messenger, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Ezra Furman, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and many more.

Luck Reunion has joined forces with Southwest to extend the carrier’s “Artist On The Rise” platform, wherein five bands will have the opportunity to compete for a chance to win a spot on the main stage during the 2018 Luck Reunion. This year’s finalists are Mt. Joy, Thomas Csorba, Marty O’Reilly & The Old Soul Orchestra, Kirby Brown, and Hugh Masterson. Fans will vote for their favorite band via the carrier’s music website at

Luck Reunion will showcase boutique vendors, artists, and chefs including Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Luck bourbon, Jim Beam, brews from the Lagunitas Brewing Company, and water from The Mountain Valley Spring Water, as well as unique shopping opportunities and specialty food items between music sets. Luck Reunion offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience Nelson’s beloved hill country property.

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Maiden’s Moblie Game Gets Angry

First appearing in a special Angry Birds Evolution Halloween tribute, “Eddie The Bird” will now appear in the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast mobile game for ONLY 2 weeks, then fly away and no longer be available in the game.

Eddie The Bird, the feathery version of Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot, appears as all four characters simultaneously; Cyborg (Somewhere In Time), Pharaoh (Powerslave), Killers (Killers) & Shaman (The Book Of Souls). A series of epic events, scheduled from February 6th – 20th, gives players the chance to team multiple birds, and deploy them alongside their own greatest allies.

Iron Maiden’s game characters have been featured on Maiden’s Boeing 747, on bottle tops of their Trooper beer, on t-shirts, shown in trailers at live shows, in a comic book of the same name, reimagined as miniature collectable figurines and now as inspiration for their 2018 European Tour.

The Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast mobile game takes players on an epic journey while rocking out to arguably the best metal band in the world.

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Woodrocket: 5 Years & Rising

Having made his first porn parody in college, Lee Roy Myers realized early on that there was a vast market for porn parodies. Arising out of his vision for the “future of porn” came Woodrocket, which is the culmination years of involvement in both mainstream and adult entertainment industries.

What may perceived as cleverly undefinable, Woodrocket is an amalgamation of Lee’s appreciation of pop culture, b-movies, exploitation flicks, and viral content. The result is a skillfully branded online destination site that is quickly branching out to new ventures and strategic partnerships. WoodRocket partially attributes its success to a highly diverse loyal audience, and the adoption of mainstream revenue models.

Woodrocket approaches the creation of hardcore adult content in their own unique way, wherein rules are unabashedly broken. This mindset helps in redefining social norms and blurring the lines between society’s current expectations of “porn” and “mainstream” content. Calculated creative control has allowed Woodrocket to avoid being pigeonholed, in turn, retaining a fresh, witty… and well… orgasm-loaded experience that is completely free. That’s right, free.

In a competitive market, Lee and his savvy business team have birthed an erotic monster, which is as much an entertaining destination as a community for discourse concerning sex in the 21st century.

Oh… and BTW… Woodrocket celebrated its 5th birthday at its studio in Las Vegas with an entertaining evening of frivolity, booze and cake. The bday event coincided with the 2018 AVN Awards, which rewards excellence in the adult entertainment and novelty toy industry.

Happy birthday to Lee and the gang at Woodrocket!

Bali’s Breathtaking “Air Festival”

As one of the foremost gatherings of visionaries, Air Festival merges underground dance music culture with ceremony and sacredness, creating an unforgettable three-day experience perfect for forging friendships, opening hearts, and affirming life.

Situated in a previously hidden corner of Bali, La Brisa will be the new location for the 2018 Air Festival Bali Edition. La Brisa sits on Echo Beach, offering breathtaking decor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality. Built using reclaimed wood from 500+ old fisherman boats, and expertly hand decorated, La Brisa today is one of the trendiest, yet sustainable eco-friendly venues in the island that radiates true Balinese character.

Two stages, designated “Air Stage” and “Awan”, will house a wide variety of musical genres, regional artists and dancers. The list includes Makam, Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, Ata, Art Alfie, Mimi Love, Bas Ibellini, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez, Kai, Kusasi and more.

Founded by a group of friends in 2015, rooted in underground dance music, Air Festival started out as an intimate event focusing on sustainability and organic growth, and this year the group will be challenging themselves to go completely plastic free.

Set within the picturesque surrounding area of Canggu, the Air Festival is where the sacred fire burns, the cacao flows, and musical inspiration seamlessly merges with organic earth vibes.

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The Consummate Pleasure Device

With its ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, bright colors and glowing LED lights, the handheld MIMIC pleasure device has been receiving rave reviews and euphoric reactions from the public, retailers and industry professionals.

Additionally, Clandestine Devices, the company that created the MIMIC product, has won the “Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer” at the 2018 AVN Awards. Executives/founders Jules Jordan and Kimberly Faubel accepted the award at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas during the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE).

The company’s first creative innovation, MIMIC, is a curved, waterproof rechargeable pleasure product made of medical grade silicone, offering three colors and six speeds/intensity levels, eight vibration patterns and 90 minutes of powerful pulsations on a single charge.

Director/Producer Jordan is well-known for his quality adult entertainment productions, while Faubel brings 14 years of product knowledge, sales and marketing experience to the company, with an intense focus on sexual wellness and personal enjoyment.

“With a strong history in the adult pleasure industry,” says Faubel, “our experience drives our passion to create products that serve a purpose through their design, and can be enjoyed by anyone.”

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