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A Lethal Amount of Divine

As a tribute to the legendary pop culture icon Divine, the Sex Cells Divine Ball will celebrate Harris Glenn Milstead’s drag persona with a night of music, mayhem and memories.

Developing an early interest in drag while working as a hairdresser in Baltimore, Milstead befriended budding local filmmaker John Waters who was intent on making “the trashiest motion pictures in cinema history.” Waters subsequently gave Milstead the name “Divine” and the two embarked on a filmmaking journey that would spawn midnight-movie cult-classics such as Female Trouble, Polyester, and Pink Flamingos.

Not only will there be a contest with a $500 cash prize for the “Best Divine,” but the Sex Cells Divine Ball will feature celebrity judge Mink Stole and DJ sets from Matthew Pernicano and Danny Lethal. Whether you’re a fan of the late Divine or not yet familiar with the infamous entertainer, this event is sure to be a unique opportunity to celebrate the deliciously vile personality whom John Water referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world, almost.”

Sex Cells, the monthly nightclub created by Lethal Amounts owner Danny Fuentes, attracts a wide array of talented artists and colorful characters, which Fuentes and his team foster and encourage. The creative gallery space, Lethal Amounts, focuses on subversive and counter culture themes, addressing the social and artistic value of underground movements while highlighting taboo topics.

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Lucha VaVoom’s VDay Soiree

Editor’s Note: After the show, Rula was last seen piling into a vintage lowrider with dancers and wrestlers, wildly shouting something about driving to Tijuana. Though she has yet to return from her road trip, an anonymous source did provide us with torn pages from her diary, which held some interesting tidbits concerning Valentine’s Day at the Mayan Theater. Rula’s insightful, yet cryptic notes were instrumental in reconstructing a semi-accurate depiction of the evening’s festivities. Among her many entries, Rula mentions “…at 15 years strong, Lucha VaVoom is a one-of-a-kind experience that continues to produce amazing sold-out events, showcasing talented performers, and attracting a loyal fan base.” Though the final diary entry was cut mid-sentence (and doused in a fiery Mexican salsa), we can confirm there were immense feelings of gratitude towards everyone at Lucha VaVoom for an enchanting experience.