Druid Underground Film Festival

Following a sold out event in Brooklyn NY, the Druid Underground Film Festival comes home to LA, celebrating 12 years of wildly creative indie films including animation, documentary, experimental and beyond.

Founded by independent horror film director Billy Burgess (of Hipster Holocaust fame), the festival has been a cult favorite among indie filmmakers and their fans for its subversive subject matter masterfully wrapped in comedic overtones.

This year’s DUFF features a hilarious medley of found footage followed by ground-breaking shorts carefully chosen by Burgess himself from this year’s nearly 1,000 submissions, which includes work by David, Yuval Haker, Negro Terror, Brian & Karl, Lobster Repair, Chrissy Fellmeth, and Jim Tuite.


Motorcycle Party Massacre
The ultimate white-trash hell-ride of backwoods motorcycle rallies, awkward redneck wisdom, horrifying home videos, and more boobs than a stack of Playboys in a break-neck, fly-by-seat-of-your-leather-pants analog mixtape mash-up sourced from hundreds of late 80’s-early 90’s VHS tapes dragged from the most decrepit, cigarette-stained thrift stores of the deep-south.

Kool Bros part 1+2
Two skateboarding cartoon goons jump in and out of a delirious world of cops, beach rats and butts.

I Am Sex
Colorful, playful, sex-obsessed Tel Aviv-based animation for an Alon Eder song performed entirely on a cheap 80’s Casio keyboard.

Voice of Memphis
The band Negro Terror subverts a white supremacist anthem, urging power be returned to the people, in particular in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Brendan Maclean: House of Air
Inspired by Hal Fischer’s photo series ‘Gay Semiotics’, House of Air is a sexually explicit look at hanky codes in 1970s San Francisco.

National Anthem
The Star-Spangled Banner, belched.

New Baby
A dude shows off his new baby as evidence he actually had sexual intercourse in this ridiculous animation.

Rockabilly: Whole World Gone Cancelled
An experimental melting pot of deteriorating and re-articulating madness narrated by poet Billy Cancel.

The 12th Annual Druid Underground Film Festival will take place at the classic and infamous HM157 artist collective and venue, one of LA’s last surviving independent non-profit DIY spaces. Founded by Charon Nogues and Reid Maxwell, HM7 has hosted countless concerts, art shows, community dinners, and educational workshops.

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