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As far as muses go, Charisma Lane is a photographer’s dream. Her untamed spirit and whip-smart charm have allowed Charisma to effortlessly reinvent herself in an industry which devours novelty. In front of the lens, this daring muse has remained true to herself while acquiescing wholeheartedly to the fantasies of her favorite photographers.

As far as producers go, Charisma Lane has the chops and creative vision to understand the importance of a well-groomed brand. This sexy powerhouse is no stranger to taking risks and welcomes the daily challenges presented by her profession. Behind the lens, Charisma continues to develop exciting new projects while juggling a busy schedule.

Immediate upon looking at her photos I was intrigued; the gears were clearly visible behind the beauty.

Citizen LA: In your Bio you mentioned that your grandmother had been a famous vaudeville dancer and the “value of being beautiful and a performer was recognized as a sign of worth in your family.” Are you carrying on the lineage? Or departing from it?

Charisma Lane: I would say that the pendulum has swung each generation. My mother was on stage when I was a kid, but I don’t think she particularly enjoyed it as much as I do. But if my grandmother and I sat down and had a conversation, I think that we would have a lot in common. I know my grandmother took naked pictures and I know my mom found them. My mom has walked into my house, seen naked pictures of myself and said ‘Oh, I know who YOU take after.’

Citizen LA: That’s definitely a compliment.

Charisma: Well… she didn’t really mean it as a compliment, but I take it as a compliment.

Citizen LA: Your Bio also bravely states that you are “hooked on the experience of taking your clothes off for money… accustomed to displaying your body for others’ pleasure and critique.” What are your feelings on the label of “Prostitute”?

Charisma: I think that if a woman feels comfortable doing that as a lifestyle choice, then that is her personal decision. As far as the act of selling yourself, and selling sex, I think we all do that in a way, just to varying degrees.

Citizen LA: So you don’t have a problem with labeling someone as prostitute, as it’s just another job.

Charisma: It’s a career, as far as I’m concerned.

Citizen LA: You worked five years in the sex industry gracing the stages of Centerfolds, The Gold Club, and The Spearmint Rhino. Are you part of the “Sex Industry” or the “Entertainment Industry”?

Charisma: Both. The way I see it was that I am definitely selling “sex.” And that, image-wise, is what sells. And it did certainly when I was in a strip club. You can’t argue that better looking stripers do well.

Citizen LA: Hmm. They do???

Charisma: Hahaha. I always felt that I was selling sex, because in a certain way I was selling the idea that a guy could actually sleep with me. Or selling the idea that he could take me out a on a date or all of the things that guys play into when they walk into a strip club.

Citizen LA: That’s no different than someone buying a car. The dealers are there to sell them their dream. Sales pitch or not.

Charisma: A good stripper is going to tailor her sales pitch depending on who’s sitting in front of her. Within the first 5-10 minutes you’re able to figure out why they’re there and what they want to hear.

Citizen LA: I guess you’re giving someone what they’ve come looking for.

Charisma: Yes. That’s the game that’s played. However, did I have real moments? Absolutely.

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Citizen LA: Your Bio also mentions your first experience: “The thrill of taking her clothes off while cars drove by was one of the most memorable experiences of her life.” So you’re an extrovert?

Charisma: The thrill and the exhilaration of getting through it, and getting paid, made me feel more powerful. I spent a lot of time in my late teens and early twenties defying my boundaries because I was extremely sheltered when I was a kid. I grew up in a very conservative family with a very conservative set of parents. On that particular day I think I felt freedom.

Citizen LA: Freedom, definitely. But you were raised Christian Scientist, sent to Christian and Catholic Schools, and wore a uniform. Did all of that repression pay-off now that you’ve rebelled against the system?

Charisma: Hahaha. Well, I don’t know. If you ask my mother it did absolutely the EXACT opposite of what she hoped would happen. In her opinion, it didn’t pay-off.

Citizen LA: I don’t feel that you’re playing the victim. I don’t feel that Charisma Lane is in a battle with who she is.

Charisma: I think what you hear is probably peace. I’m not rebelling at 38 anymore, no. And I don’t know if I was ever really rebelling, I was just finding myself. I’d been smothered my entire childhood, so I was just growing into who I was to become; who I felt I was inside.

Citizen LA: For lack of sounding like a new-age freak, the vibrations that you give off are very interesting. There’s something in the tone of your voice. It’s kinda like syrup, I just want to be covered in it.

Charisma: My god! I have to tweet that later. “You’re voice is like syrup… I just want to be covered in it.” Perfect. That’s my quote of the day.

Citizen LA: So you graduated with a BA in Creative Writing, emphasis in Editing and Publishing. Additionally, working on a manuscript entitled: Worth Every Twenty. I believe you are a vulnerable sultry free-spirit AND an intellectual. What do you think about that?

Charisma: I don’t disagree with anything that you just said. Hahaha! Actually, thank you’ was the first thing that came to mind. Jeez. Wow. Yes. I’m definitely vulnerable. Even with my website and blog I definitely put myself out there. I definitely do with my pictures too, I’m a risk taker.

Citizen LA: It’s so endearing that someone can let themselves be this vulnerable, it clearly demonstrates strength. Most people equate vulnerability with weakness, and it’s not.

Charisma: Thank you! I appreciate you recognizing that.

Citizen LA: The idea of not doing something that you want to do, at any moment in your life, is tragic. It’s great to hear that you’re working on your manuscript.

Charisma: It’s taken me years of encouragement to do this.

Citizen LA: When I came upon the words “Black Sparrow” on your Bio I was intrigued. Tell me about your relationship with John Martin of Black Sparrow Press.

Charisma: John Martin would listen to my struggle for independence. At 22, all I wanted to be was listened to. I had a family who had turned their backs to me and very few friends at the time. John was a sympathizer to my plot in life. He is the single reason I moved to San Francisco. He gave me support and direction, because I had none, very much like a father figure would. As a parting gift, he gave me a hug and a set of all of the Charles Bukowski books he had printed.

Citizen LA: In terms of your websites, what is the idea behind “” and “”? What makes them unique?

Charisma: gives visitors access to my writing, modeling and personal things. The pay area has all the sets of photographs that I have ever taken. is similar to, or… young alternative models shot artistically and beautifully in alternative locations. It’s a little crazy, but not kink. We’re not going to shoot in a dungeon, rather a hotel room.

Citizen LA: Dungeons are so cliche. A hotel room is a much better choice. That’s why hotel rooms were created.

Charisma Lane: Yes, of course! is very real. The girls fill out a questionnaire of their likes and dislikes. We hook them up with who they’re interested in and base the concept on what turns them on the most. It’s definitely a very thought-out program.

Citizen LA: In five of the twelve photos you selected for the Portfolio section of we find you in bed sheets. Is Charisma Lane a slave to her bed?

Charisma Lane: Hahaha. No. I’m not a slave to my bed. But a definitely have a good time there!

Citizen LA: Is there anything else you want to touch on? Or are you satisfied?

Charisma Lane: Yeah. I’m totally satisfied.

Citizen LA: (Whew.)

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