Swan Song from Jazz’s Golden Age

Though an oppressive contract hounded Jimmy Scott through most of his recording career, “I Go Back Home” is a timeless album, which captures the essence of a life that was ultimately triumphant.

German producer Ralf Kemper risked fortune and sanity to produce the album for his longtime hero Jimmy Scott, a courageous figure who was once friend to both Billie Holiday & Charlie Parker and one of the last connections to the golden age of Jazz.

The journey of both Scott and Kemper is captured in the accompanying award-winning documentary “I Go Back Home” which follows the album’s creation before Scott’s untimely death in 2014.

From living in obscurity in Las Vegas, to the legendary recording sessions which led to Jimmy Scott’s well-deserved swan song, the album serves as the last will and testament to a voice that gained recognition and admiration from the highest of high culture against all odds.