Where Wine Is King | 100 Vinos Mexicanos

G.C. Stiehl | Citizen LA

The Winery is something of a mystery.  One can take a tour, study the process, buy a “kit”, and yet something continues to elude.  Couple the mystery with a fabulous event at a Mexican winery… THEN you got something.

And so it is with the festival of 100 Vinos Mexicanos where each year one-hundred of the best wines are brought together for one weekend celebrating the best that this remarkable country has to offer.

La Redonda, a vineyard with 38 years of exquisite wine production, is located among the beautiful valleys of Queretaro about 2.5 hours from Mexico City.  It is strategically located on the scenic highway between Tequisquiapan and Cadereyta in close proximity other local wineries.  This area also boasts excellent lamb, beef, cheese and artisanal goodies waiting to be discovered in the surrounding pueblos that dot the landscape.

The picturesque La Redonda vineyard is a 160 hectare landscape producing a wide variety of grapes including Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Trebbiano.  The winery bottles white, pink, red and sparkling wine in three collections: “La Redonda”, “Orlandi” and “Sierra Gorda”, which has won a gold medal at the Ensenada Tierra de Vinos.

100 Vinos Mexicanos festival gathers the best in wine from across the country and offers it to the public in an ideal setting.  Brands such as LA Cetto, Santo Tomas Winery, Casa Madero, Freixenet, Casa Pedro Domecq, Dorante Cervera, Vinisterra and many others have participated in this 2-day festival.  Mexico continues to produce outstanding wines from areas such as Queretaro, Baja California, Coahuila, Sonora and Durango… and La Redonda winery continues to host them.

Though much smaller than the mammoth Feria Del QuesoY El Vino (Festival of Wine & Cheese) that takes place in neighboring Tequisquiapan, the 100 Vinos Mexicanos festival focuses on the wine connoisseur and less on the partying. Not to say that the public is denied entertainment, however it is clear that the event producers intentionally place “wine appreciation” at the forefront of their festival.

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To accompany the wine, live music is set in a beautiful raised gazebo which overlooks the event grounds. Guests can happily sip their liquid treasures while enjoying an unobstructed view of the performers. The weekend features Jazz, Blues, Rock en Español and a DJ which play late into the night.

Location tours and private sampling are options that bring the winery to life, while friendly and knowledgeable staff roam the event eager to serve and share a bit of history.  For an event that revolves around alcohol, the 100 Vinos Mexicanos festival is surprisingly well-managed and absent of incidents. Though there is security in place throughout the location, the force is low-key to further create an intimate atmosphere of luxury and relaxation.

As for the wine tastings?  For a small entrance fee, visitors are offered unlimited tastings from the best of what Mexico has to offer… and they ARE delicious.  La Redonda has gone to great lengths to create an atmosphere that gives the winemakers an excellent platform to present their wines to an eager public.  The guests, in turn, are given the respect and attention that they deserve. 

Of particular note, the wines emanating from Baja California’s Valle De Guadalupe are on-par with anything coming out of Napa or Sonoma, period.  Our 2012 festival favorite, Xik Bal Baja (2008 Syrah) produced by Hasta Que Se Agoten… simply out-of-this-world.   Also worth mentioning: Madera 5 (2010 Nebbiolo), Portola, Teziano, and a selection from Bodegas Guayo (Guayolo & Marques de la Ensenada).

When treated to such wonderful wines, it is almost inevitable that one will fall in love and purchase on-the-spot.  And with such an amazing atmosphere, it’s almost inevitable that your new bottles never make it to the car.  But not to worry, the wineries and their artisans have plenty to go around.  

If you’re looking for entertainment, history and amazing wines, head towards La Redonda for the 100 Vinos Mexicanos festival and treat yourself to an event where the guest clearly comes out the winner.

Visit La Redonda @ http://www.laredonda.com.mx/