Bali’s Breathtaking “Air Festival”

As one of the foremost gatherings of visionaries, Air Festival merges underground dance music culture with ceremony and sacredness, creating an unforgettable three-day experience perfect for forging friendships, opening hearts, and affirming life.

Situated in a previously hidden corner of Bali, La Brisa will be the new location for the 2018 Air Festival Bali Edition. La Brisa sits on Echo Beach, offering breathtaking decor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality. Built using reclaimed wood from 500+ old fisherman boats, and expertly hand decorated, La Brisa today is one of the trendiest, yet sustainable eco-friendly venues in the island that radiates true Balinese character.

Two stages, designated “Air Stage” and “Awan”, will house a wide variety of musical genres, regional artists and dancers. The list includes Makam, Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, Ata, Art Alfie, Mimi Love, Bas Ibellini, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez, Kai, Kusasi and more.

Founded by a group of friends in 2015, rooted in underground dance music, Air Festival started out as an intimate event focusing on sustainability and organic growth, and this year the group will be challenging themselves to go completely plastic free.

Set within the picturesque surrounding area of Canggu, the Air Festival is where the sacred fire burns, the cacao flows, and musical inspiration seamlessly merges with organic earth vibes.

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