Woodrocket: 5 Years & Rising

Having made his first porn parody in college, Lee Roy Myers realized early on that there was a vast market for porn parodies. Arising out of his vision for the “future of porn” came Woodrocket, which is the culmination years of involvement in both mainstream and adult entertainment industries.

What may perceived as cleverly undefinable, Woodrocket is an amalgamation of Lee’s appreciation of pop culture, b-movies, exploitation flicks, and viral content. The result is a skillfully branded online destination site that is quickly branching out to new ventures and strategic partnerships. WoodRocket partially attributes its success to a highly diverse loyal audience, and the adoption of mainstream revenue models.

Woodrocket approaches the creation of hardcore adult content in their own unique way, wherein rules are unabashedly broken. This mindset helps in redefining social norms and blurring the lines between society’s current expectations of “porn” and “mainstream” content. Calculated creative control has allowed Woodrocket to avoid being pigeonholed, in turn, retaining a fresh, witty… and well… orgasm-loaded experience that is completely free. That’s right, free.

In a competitive market, Lee and his savvy business team have birthed an erotic monster, which is as much an entertaining destination as a community for discourse concerning sex in the 21st century.

Oh… and BTW… Woodrocket celebrated its 5th birthday at its studio in Las Vegas with an entertaining evening of frivolity, booze and cake. The bday event coincided with the 2018 AVN Awards, which rewards excellence in the adult entertainment and novelty toy industry.

Happy birthday to Lee and the gang at Woodrocket!