FEARLESS Models Unscripted

Personal development coach and co-founder of TheFearlessMan, Brian Begin, has released a short instructional video, with a group of FEARLESS models, which offers a unique insight on how to approach groups of women from a woman’s point of view.

Co-founder Dave Stultz states that “having these unscripted discussions with our models at the events is so invaluable… men really start to understand and learn from the female perspective in a more focused way.”

One model, Katie, explains the delicate art of connecting with a woman of interest, as well taking the time to recognize her friends. If the women are cold and defensive, “it’s because we’ve probably been ignored. If we haven’t been acknowledged, we don’t trust you.”

Stultz and Begin launched TheFearlessMan in 2013 as an educational tool to strengthen men’s personal power within themselves using video feedback, deep connection work, presence and body consciousness building, core belief, thought, philosophy restructuring and real-world exercises to build confidence in students that builds long-term successful behavior.

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