What happens when twenty-five handpicked musicians are split into groups of 5 and given only 12 hours to produce new bands and new songs?

On February 10, the The Echo in Los Angeles will host the inaugural LA ROCK LOTTERY where volunteers are organized into five groups through a lottery-based chance selection. The five separate groups are then assigned designated rehearsal spaces near the venue where they must create three to five songs. The five new groups then perform what they’ve created that evening in front of a waiting audience beginning at 10pm.

The participants for the LA ROCK LOTTERY include Mike Watt (The Minutemen/The Stooges), Kelcey Ayer (Local Natives), Patty Schemel (Hole), Andrew Martin (Moon Honey) and a slew of many other talented artists!

This event intends to bring together many facets of the area’s music community. The challenge for these musicians is to forego their personal and musical differences, working together to create a unified group project that still contains the personal styles of each of the participants.

In its twenty-year history, the three cities hosting an official ROCK LOTTERY have raised money for charities as diverse as the VERA Project, CASA, Daniel’s Music Foundation, Rockaway Renegades, Feel the Music, Arts Corps and others. Proceeds from the inaugural LA ROCK LOTTERY will go to Inner City Arts.

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