A Necessary Awakening | Interview: Amanda Sage

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Exhibiting in London, Vienna, Munich, Bali, Colorado, Seattle, and San Francisco, Amanda Sage entered LA through Jimmy Bleyer’s “Temple of Visions”. Her portraiture and visionary works beam bright, crossing hallucinogenic horizons and transcending cognitive plains. Studying overseas with a contemporary of Dali, Amanda has quite a bit to share with the wandering mind. Smiling like a star, she shines with mystic eyes- telling stories in her works that have the light to change things. Those aren’t 3D glasses you are wearing; a UFO? No, these paintings are real.

Nathan Cartwright: So what have you been studying in Austria for the last 9 years?

Amanda Sage: I’ve been studying the ‘Misch technique’ which is an early renaissance method of painting the ‘skeleton’ of the painting with Egg Tempera and then glazing in oil. My teacher Micahel Fuchs introduced me to his father, Ernst Fuchs, internationally renowned master and co-founder of Fantastic Realism in the 1950’s in Vienna. Some say that Dali passed the golden key of surrealism onto Fuchs before he passed on. I became his assistant in 2000-present, working on various projects including the yet to be completed ‘Apocalypse Chapel’ in southern Austria.

Nathan: Has Ernst Fuchs been to Los Angeles?

Amanda: Yes. Born in 1930 in Vienna, Austria, Ernst Fuchs told me memorable stories about his time in Los Angeles in the 1950’s. Here he discovered Peyote with a group of artists and saw for the first time the energy lines, like the tattooed faces of the Maori, of people on the streets. In general, he has stayed away from chemically made substances, seeing himself more as a medium.

Nathan: How have psychedelics influenced your painting through the years?

Amanda: I am interested in the psychedelic experience mostly for the kaleidoscope of doorways that these substances open up. To perceive space, time and ‘reality’ through heightened senses has shown me how much I am already channeling and influenced by these parallel worlds that one can experience with psychedelics. Although, I now believe that it is more accessible through becoming centered and open in a natural state. Through opening oneself to ‘the divine’ hand, the possibilities are endless…

Nathan: What are the visions that have carried you to where you are now?

Amanda: My predominant vision and mission is to instigate and affirm the necessary awakening on this planet. To be a messenger of light? (sounds so utopia and visionary, right!) Well, it’s true – I used to want to hide away from such preposterous terms such as ‘Visionary’ but I’ve gotten friendlier with it as I really do see a greater mission behind my work and see myself as a part of a greater community of amazing individuals throughout the world that are working passionately towards a similar vision. And this is to inspire and speak to a deeper wisdom that I believe is integrated in all of us which is the hope that we can transcend this illusion of separation and start building a world that is programmed in honor of life, love and compassion.

Nathan: What are your plans for the Sage Los Angeles invasion for the future?

Amanda: Los Angeles is the furthest western frontier, like a giant egg about to hatch, birthing some 5th dimensional plant form here to heal and devour the filth, the sorrow and pain. I like the idea of painting 10 foot+ Egg Portals all over the place, symbolizing new birth, encouraging change, subliminally re-programming our useless patterns and waking people up… or building ships with trees in them on the roofs of these old buildings in downtown… and on a smaller note, aim to be a blessing where ever I am.